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Correction, Clarification, Apology



By WILL FOLKS || There’s something to be said for the tenth step … which for those of you unfamiliar with Alcoholics Anonymous reads as follows …

“We continue to take personal inventory, and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.”

As a recovering alcoholic for the last eight-and-a-half years, I try to live that step daily – at home and in the office.  Some say admitting error impugns credibility, but I think the opposite is true: I think it builds credibility.  After all, people spend so much time trying to wiggle out of things when it would have been much easier to simply say “I was wrong.”

People respect that, I think …

To wit: Earlier today FITS published a story regarding U.S. Senate Candidate Thomas Ravenel based upon sources who observed him and another individual at a restaurant in Edisto Beach, S.C.

Upon further investigation – namely the account of the bartender who served Ravenel – FITS has learned that the information provided by the source regarding Ravenel and his colleague “taking shots” of alcohol was not credible.  No inappropriate behavior on Ravenel’s part was confirmed – nor was any romantic interest between Ravenel and the woman who was with him.

According to the bartender, Ravenel had one mixed drink – and the woman had a Diet Coke.

We also received a message from a local newspaperman confirming the bartender’s account.

On behalf of FITS, I apologize to Ravenel for our source’s apparent mistake.

As FITS readers are aware, this website has had plenty of ups and downs with Ravenel – but he deserves accurate coverage from us.  And when FITS falls short of providing such coverage, you deserve to know about it.