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Brian White Funnels Campaign Cash To Wife’s Tech School, Charity




By FITSNEWS || Don’t look now but powerful S.C. ways and means chairman Brian White – the top budget writer in the S.C. House of Representatives – has another campaign finance scandal on his hands.

White – who was busted (but never punished) in 2011 for using campaign cash on personal expenses – is now under fire for routing more than $20,000 in campaign cash to a foundation and a charity associated with his wife, Courtney White.

According to campaign finance records reviewed by reporter Rick Brundrett of The Nerve, Brian White’s campaign organization has given roughly $10,000 apiece over the last six years to two entities: the Tri-County Technical College (TCTC) Foundation and the nonprofit Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM).

One is a foundation for a government-run school, the other is a faith-based charity.  Courtney White is a board member and “director of development” for the foundation, and vice chairman of the charity.

Does either of these payouts sound like a legitimate use of campaign funds?  Of course not …

In fact Brundrett is absolutely correct in asserting that his report “highlight(s) the longstanding problem of the lack of restrictions – and enforcement – on how lawmakers spend their campaign money.”

Yet while Brundrett did a nice job exposing these questionable donations, he failed to ask some important questions.

For example, did White claim these contributions on his taxes as charitable giving?  And is his wife in any way entitled to compensation based on money she raises for these groups?

Hmmmm ….

“If those questions aren’t asked the article is empty,” one of White’s colleagues told FITS. “His wife has a charity he supports? So what.  Sounds like a good (guy) to most people.”


Of course as shady as all of this looks, sources tell FITS this dust-up over campaign donations is the “least of (White’s) worries.” They’re referring, of course, to his name being mentioned as one of the lawmakers associated with an ongoing state/ federal investigation of corruption at the S.C. State House.

Pic: Travis Bell Photography