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More VA Fun …




By FITSNews  ||  Earlier this year FITS published a series of stories examining the Williams Jennings Bryan Dorn Veterans Hospital in Columbia, S.C. – which played a starring role in the national scandal that brought down Barack Obama’s Veterans Affairs (VA) chief.

We view the VA scandal as a perfect example of government’s broken promises to the men and women who (foolishly we might add) still enlist in the armed forces under the mistaken belief they are advancing freedom at home and abroad.

First of all, they’re clearly not advancing freedom at home … and second of all, it’s not America’s job to advance freedom abroad.

They are lured into sacrificing life, limb and mental health by our warmongering interventionist leaders – yet when the time comes for their needs to be taken care of, they get forced into a broken government-run health care system.

The scandal is also a perfect example of how government-run care is inferior to private sector care – and an example of why our leaders need to be unwinding government’s role in the health care industry, not dramatically ramping it up.

Anyway, two stories earlier this month landed on our radar regarding the (ongoing) VA scandal.

One of these stories – published by The Daily Caller  – focused on a VA bureaucrat who was convicted of stealing $15,000 from the agency (which she then used to renovate her house).  Although she could have been sentenced to ten years in jail, the woman got probation and 120 hours of community service – and was told to put the money back.

Sheesh … talk about campaign fodder.

The other story – which we view as a much bigger deal – involves allegations that the VA’s inspector general attempted to “soften” the impact of a devastating report on the agency’s mistreatment of veterans.  Specifically, the IG is accused of bowing to pressure from the Obama administration by adding a line to the report regarding the lengthy wait times veterans endured while waiting for essential treatment.

Several veterans whose names appeared on secret lists maintained the agency died while awaiting treatment.

According to the added line, investigators “(could not) conclusively assert” that the long wait times “caused the deaths of these veterans.”

A whistleblower told CBS this conclusion was not  included in the initial draft of the report – but was added later in an effort to mitigate the coming storm

“The organization was worried that the report was going to damn the organization,” the whistleblower told the network. “And therefore it was important for them to introduce language that softened that blow.”

Wow …

What a country, right?

Hopefully all would-be soldiers will take note of this ongoing debacle.  Bottom line?  “This is what happens when they’re done with you.”  They steal your money, leave you to die … and then cover it all up.