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FBI Chief: Agency At Work In “Lots Of State Capitals”



By FITSNews || Last week this website exclusively reported on an ongoing federal investigation into public corruption at the S.C. State House.  This week we provided an updated report on that investigation – which is said to target illegal campaign finance activity as well as abuse of office for personal gain.

Well guess what … Columbia, S.C. may not be the only place federal agents are at work.

During a visit this week to Albany, New York – which has a reputation for all sorts of malfeasance in office – Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) chief James Comey said the Empire State’s corruption (and his agency’s efforts to root it out) was by no means unique.

In fact it sounds as though Comey’s agents are all over the place …

“I don’t want to burst Albany’s bubble in any way,” Comey said, “but there are lots of state capitals in this country where we’re doing lots of public corruption work.  So it doesn’t stand out in my mind.”

Interesting …

Oh, and in addition to their work at the S.C. State House, maybe Comey’s G-Men might be interested in getting to work on this little scandal?

Just sayin …

(H/T: Stephen C. Guilfoyle)