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Not since the O.J. Simpson murder trial has there been a legal “Dream Team” quite like the one coalescing around recently indicted Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

But who should pay for all that legal muscle?

According to Perry, the taxpayers of Texas.  In fact in an interview with the Associated Press prior to embarking on a pre-campaign swing to early-voting South Carolina, Perry said taxpayers should cover the bill – but he’s instructed his campaign accountants to pay it “to keep from having folks grouse about it.”

Hold up … that’s his answer?

National pundits took notice …

“As governor, Perry may think he’s entitled to state-funded legal support,” observed Sean Sullivan of The Washington Post.  “As a politician, he probably shouldn’t press that argument.”

Ummmm … not to split hairs, here, but last time we checked Perry’s campaign account has basically become an extension of Texas taxpayers.  Seriously … given the number of campaign donors he has hooked up with taxpayer-funded grants, aren’t Texans paying for his defense either way?