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South Carolina: You Can’t Cuss Here




A South Carolina woman was arrested this week for allegedly telling her children not to “squish the f*cking bread” at a grocery story.

According to WJBF TV 6 (ABC – Augusta, Georgia), 27-year-old Danielle Wolf – who moved to South Carolina from Ohio recently – was arrested at a Kroger grocery store in North Augusta, S.C. after her use of obscene language was reported to authorities.

“He was like, ‘You’re under arrest’…right in front of kids, in front of my husband, in front of customers,” Wolf told the station, referring to the North Augusta Department of Public Safety officer who arrested her.

North Augusta has a law permitting its local police officers to arrest individuals for disorderly conduct if they “utter, while in a state of anger, in the presence of another, any bawdy, lewd or obscene words or epithets.”  South Carolina has a state law barring the “use obscene or profane language on any highway or at any public place or gathering or in hearing distance of any schoolhouse or church.”

Wolf must appear in court on September 12 to answer for these charges.

Crazy, huh?

According to local police, Wolf was reported to them by a fellow shopper who didn’t approve of her using “the f-word” around her children.  That shopper later apologized for turning her Wolf in, admitting that the profanity brought back memories of her abusive childhood.

Sheesh … did we mention a gallon of milk is getting more expensive these days?

Anyway … it goes without saying that loud, disruptive behavior in public places is not appreciated.  And we can certainly conceive of situations in which private businesses might notify law enforcement regarding such behavior – and ask for assistance in having unruly customers escorted off their premises.

But arresting someone over this?

That strikes us as ridiculous … not to mention yet another ridiculous national headline for South Carolina.

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