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S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson released his office’s annual insurance fraud report this week, and the results weren’t good.

“During 2013, my office received 1,231 complaints regarding insurance fraud,” Wilson wrote in a letter accompanying the report. “The number of complaints remains at an all-time high, and we must continue to be vigilant in our prosecution of these cases.”

According to the Attorney General, 74 percent of the fraud cases involved automobiles, 17 percent involved personal or commercial property and four percent were workers’ compensation cases.

Since 1995, the S.C. Attorney General’s office has received nearly 14,000 fraud complaints related to $108 million worth of property.  Of those complaints, less than 1,400 resulted in criminal convictions.

The Insurance Fraud Division of the Office of the Attorney General was created in 1994, with the mission of aggressively confronting insurance fraud in South Carolina. It receives referrals from the Department of Insurance, the South Carolina Worker’s Compensation Commission, the Department of Employment and Workforce, insurance companies, private citizens, law enforcement agencies, as well as attorneys and private law firms throughout South Carolina.

The current director of the program is Heather Weiss.

To view the Attorney General’s report, click on the link below …