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Former S.C. Rep. Thad Viers was indicted on fourteen federal charges in relation to his business dealings with a shady paving contractor, The (Myrtle Beach, S.C.) Sun News  is reporting.

Viers – who was running for the U.S. Congress when a harassment charge forced him to abandon his campaign – has been accused of helping the contractor hide more than $500,000 worth of assets from an insurance company looking to collect on a $6 million debt.

The project was related to Interstate 95 – the South Carolina portion of which has fallen into disrepair in recent years.  The alleged fraud was committed in 2011, when Viers was still a member of the S.C. House.

Viers is facing charges of money laundering, making false statements to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and engaging in monetary transactions involving money from criminal endeavors.

If convicted,  he could face nearly 150 years in jail.

Viers was a leading Republican candidate for South Carolina’s seventh U.S. congressional district seat before his troubles with barbecue heiress Candace Bessinger became public knowledge.  In fact he received the endorsement of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley.

He dropped out of the race, though, and resigned his House seat prior to being indicted on charges related to his toxic relationship – later pleading guilty and serving sixty days in jail.