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Joe McCulloch’s Ethics Problem



We’ve exposed how Columbia, S.C. shyster Joe McCulloch is clueless when it comes to life.  Apparently he’s also clueless when it comes to politics.

The trial lawyer – who is running for the S.C. House of Representatives in Richland County – is blindly following the S.C. Democratic Party’s 2014 campaign playbook, which holds that “Republicans” in Columbia are hypocrites on the issue of ethics reform.

That’s accurate … although McCulloch has the misfortune of running against S.C. Rep. Kirkman Finlay, one of a handful of S.C. House members who has actually led the fight on behalf of several long-overdue major ethics upgrades.

Apparently McCulloch didn’t bother to check that out before he started blasting Finlay … that or he’s hoping Richland County residents aren’t familiar with Google.

Of course that’s just part of his problem …

FITS has reviewed McCulloch’s ethics filings from 2012 (including amendments filed as recently as this year) and discovered multiple inconsistencies.

For example, we found numerous contributions that were previously undisclosed.  We also found unitemized contributions that appear to have been fabricated – and campaign expenses that mysteriously vanished.  In fact we uncovered more than $5,000 worth of “removed expenditures” on McCulloch’s amended disclosures – as well as four campaign contributions that were not reported totaling nearly $2,000.

Ruh-roh …

We get that McCulloch is hoping to capitalize on the issue of ethics reform – which has dominated headlines at the S.C. State House this year and which has opened the “GOP-controlled” S.C. General Assembly to all sorts of well-deserved criticism.  But Finlay is one of the few lawmakers who is immune from such criticism given his consistent support for real reforms.  And based on McCulloch’s own ethics filings, he might want to consider another avenue of attack.


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