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“Anti-Privacy” Advocate Wants To Stream His Entire Life




Noah Dyer describes himself as a “political theorist with an interest in privacy.”  In fact he’s so interested in the subject he wants to participate in a year-long experiment …  one he’s raising money for on Kickstarter.

Dyer is asking donors to give him $1.00 apiece “so that I can record a year of my life without even 1 second of privacy.”

Wait … huh?

“I believe that the type of government and society that will persevere while other forms of government fail and are replaced, is a government that does not recognize the right to privacy, but rather says that everyone in a society has the right to perfect information, so that they can act according to their own best interest,” Dyer wrote in his solicitation.

Actually there is no expressed right to privacy in America, but there are numerous constitutional protections (many of which are currently ignored by our government) that collectively provide a de facto  right to privacy.

Dyer doesn’t like that.

“In most societies we (recognize) the right of people to keep secrets,” he writes.  “But really there’s only one purpose for keeping secrets: secrets exist to prevent other people from acting as they would if they had complete information.”

And so he proposes to lift the veil …

“You will see every email, every text, every facebook message and any other communication that I receive,” he writes.  “You will see my bank account transaction and balances.”

Really?  Because that sounds eerily like a program the government already has up and running.

Look, we agree that people would act differently if they knew the complete truth about everything … which is precisely why the government is always keeping secrets from its people.

But what private individuals do in their private lives is their business.  And if they want to keep certain things private that do not impose affirmative obligations on taxpayers or interfere with the liberties of other human beings – then they should continue to be able to keep those secrets.

Just as Dyer is free to expose us to every waking and sleeping moment of his existence beginning on October 20, 2014 (assuming he raises sufficient funds), the rest of us have the right NOT to expose every waking and sleeping moment of our existence to others.

That’s the definition of liberty, people …