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SC Boards And Commissions Riddled With Vacancies




A year ago this website reported on a rash of vacancies and expired terms on the S.C. State Ethics Commission (SCSEC) – the agency that’s tasked with holding the vast majority of Palmetto State politicians accountable for their actions.

Missed that story?  Click HERE.

In that post, we opined that vacant and expired terms on state boards and commissions were bad because they enable the politicians who appoint them to “exercise complete control over” their decisions.  We called that a “recipe for all sorts of corruption.”

And whaddya know, we were right …

Anyway, it turns out the ethics commission isn’t the only state entity with vacancies and expired terms.  According to Andy Brack of Statehouse Report, the problem is rampant.

“There’s still a bunch of people serving in state positions who haven’t been reappointed by the governor, legislature or other group,” Brack notes.

In fact S.C. Secretary of State Mark Hammond has created a database showing all of the unexpired or vacant terms – and it’s more than fifty pages long.  Granted most of the list is comprised of agencies that shouldn’t exist (Soil Classifiers Advisory Council, anyone?), but there were a few recognizable entities contained in Hammond’s report.

Among the notable agencies?  The Board of Education, the Board of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services and the Commission on Higher Education (CHE).

Our takeaway?  South Carolina’s government is in desperate need of major shrinkage – a mass purging of unnecessary bureaucracies, boards, commissions and programs.  Once it identifies the handful of core functions that ought to be performed, it must not permit necessary appointments to lapse.

Not only is it illegal, it breeds the sort of corruption our leaders ought to be rooting out …

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