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EDISTO, SC – Lowcountry businessman and independent U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel today called on “Republican” Lindsey Graham to vote against a Democratic-sponsored domestic spying bill – and to condemn the secretive Senate Committee vote that advanced it last week.

“When Lindsey Graham found out the CIA was spying on U.S. Senators, he threw a hissy fit,” Ravenel said.  “But when Democrats want to spy on the rest of us without a warrant and without our consent, he’s got no problem with it.”

Ravenel said the rise of the federal government’s domestic spy network is “one of the greatest threats to liberty in our country – and Lindsey Graham supports it lock, stock and barrel.”

“I oppose the NSA spy machine – as well as efforts by liberal Senators like Dianne Feinstein to expand its reach so it can further erode our freedoms,” Ravenel said. “In particular I condemn last week’s closed door vote of the Senate Intelligence Committee to advance her so-called ‘cybersecurity’ legislation, which is nothing but a blank check for more unconstitutional monitoring and storing of our private information.”

Ravenel called on Graham to oppose Feinstein’s legislation – and to reject last week’s closed door Senate vote.

“His colleagues want to go behind closed doors and shred your liberties,” Ravenel said. “He’s either for that or against it.  There is no middle ground.”


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