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Michael Bloomberg: Another Lindsey Graham Puppetmaster




Michael Bloomberg – the radical liberal, nanny statist and sexist former mayor of New York – gave a quarter million dollars to the reelection effort of U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.).

According to The Politico , Bloomberg gave “West Main Street Values PAC” – one of the pro-Graham political action committees -$250,000 to help the liberal incumbent secure his underwhelming victory in this year’s “Republican” primary in South Carolina.

After spending more than $5 million, Graham received 56 percent of the vote in a low-turnout election against a field of six candidates – none of whom was able to establish themselves as a credible alternative to the darling of the liberal D.C. establishment.

In addition to supporting Graham, Bloomberg gave $250,000 to a political action committee supporting liberal “Republican” Thad Cochran in Mississippi.  You know … that’s the race in which the GOP establishment used liberal special interest money to buy the black vote on Cochran’s behalf.

And this is how “Republicans” choose their candidates?  Amazing …

The “West Main Street Values PAC” was established by – among others – former S.C. “Republican” Party chairman Katon Dawson, a staunch Graham loyalist.

Bloomberg and Graham share many of the same far-left views – including raising energy taxes as part of an effort to subsidize Washington’s radical environmental agenda.  In fact Graham was the only “Republican” in the entire U.S. Congress  to embrace a radical “cap and trade” energy tax hike in 2009 – which prompted a flood of liberal money on his behalf to South Carolina.

Looks like the radical left is still lining Graham’s pockets … once again using money from the far left to fool impressionable Palmetto State voters into believing their Senator is further to the right than he really is.

Graham faces Democrat Brad Hutto and independent candidate Thomas Ravenel in November.

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