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Sleep Naked?




A new study from Cotton USA – of Britons, ironically – reveals couples who sleep in the nude are happier than couples who sleep in pajamas.  For those of you keeping score at home, 57 percent of those who sleep naked reported being happy in their relationship, compared to 48 percent who sleep in PJs.

Interesting …

We discovered – or “uncovered” – this data after a friend of ours submitted an article to our tip wire detailing “Eight Awesome Benefits of Sleeping Naked.”

Rrrawwrrr … right?

We’re paraphrasing, but the benefits listed by the article’s author, Chrissy Stockton, were 1) less laundry, 2) better dressing habits, 3) higher self-esteem, 4) more bonding with your partner, 5) more sex, 6) better sleep, 7) better skin and 8) reduced aging.

Any of that true?  Who knows … and who cares as long as No. 5 is accurate, right?

Despite these benefits, though, it’s estimated that less than ten percent of Americans sleep in the buff.  Go figure …