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Letter: Senior Sales Tax Break



RE: Internet Sales Tax

Dear Editor,  Hi! One of your elderly readers here noticing a point missing from the discussion about the Internet Sales Tax scheme.

Since 1984 South Carolina has had a two-tiered sales tax: Five percent for consumers aged 85 or older and six percent for everybody under 85.

Consider the complication of old people trying to get a state sales tax break on purchases via the Internet from some outfit in Podunk-on-the-Hustings!

The elder buyer would have to scan and send a picture of his/ her ID and the company would have to re-calculate the order to provide the lawful one precent tax break.

Talk about a drag on the economy!

Does Amazon know what’s coming when it has to start collecting South Carolina sales tax?

Granted, there aren’t all that many old-timers who ask for their tax break, but it’s $1.00 saved on every $100.00 spent.  Adds up!  There are roughly 77,000 of us mid-octogenarians and older in South Carolina and many of us still have our wits about us and have no desire to overpay on our taxes.

Keep the pressure on.

John Wrisley
Columbia, S.C.


sic speaking

John – Thanks so much for sharing this.  You are absolutely right.  This is yet another reason to let incumbent “Republican” Lindsey Graham know that raising internet taxes is a bad idea.