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That Ben Hoover Thing Keeps Going … And Going …




This website has already weighed in on the “scandal” involving former WIS TV 10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C.) news anchor Ben Hoover – who was abruptly informed last week of a decision by his employer not  to renew his contract.

Our thoughts on the whole thing? Eh …

We like Hoover just fine (and respect his professional abilities), but as we noted he “spoon-fed his viewers pre-packaged, establishment-approved bullsh*t for a living … so it’s hard to feel too sorry for the guy.”

We also think it’s ironic Hoover’s ouster – and not the status quo scandals his station glossed over (or ignored) all these years – is deserving of outrage.

But whatever … television viewers in the Midlands region of South Carolina are outraged, and the cacophony has reached a volume level requiring the station to issue a response.

What did they say?  Not much …

“During the last several days much has been posted on social media about Ben Hoover’s departure from WIS news, much of it erroneous,” the statement read. “However, we simply cannot engage in a public conversation regarding details of Ben’s departure from WIS TV. It is a private personnel matter.”

Hmmmm …

“We sincerely thank Ben for his service to the station and the community and wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors,” the statement continued.  “We also want to thank our viewers for their concerns and comments regarding this matter.  We can assure you that WIS remains fully committed to the excellence you have come to expect from this television station over the last 60 years.”

Excellence?  Really? 

Since when was jerking off the state’s entrenched establishment at the expense of the people paying its bills considered “excellence?”



Anyway, sources tell FITS this opaque statement was drafted personally by WIS general manager Donita Todd, the fishnet-wearing senior executive whose mind-numbing opinion segments are widely ridiculed by viewers.

Again, “Hoover-gate” fails to hold our attention.  Why not?  Because as an anchorman, he has absolutely nothing to do with driving the uber-liberal editorial/ ideological bent of the station.  That’s fishnet lady’s job.  And until that bent changes, it really doesn’t matter who is reading off the teleprompter, does it?

Still, in a chromosome-challenged, intellectually incurious marketplace like Columbia, S.C. – where viewers swallow what they’re told to swallow – Hoover’s departure has become a huge controversy.  And the fact WIS can’t seem to shoot straight regarding what happened is fueling that controversy.

“They’ve created a PR nightmare,” one local public relations practitioner told FITS.

Indeed they have …

All we can think to say is … What Would Ron Burgundy Do?

UPDATE: The “back story.”

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