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No One Wants To Read Political Books




The subject of political books is a sore one for our founding editor Will Folks.  He was supposed to write one – a couple years ago – and the fact he has yet to do so is a frequent source of embarrassment to him (and a frequent source of ammunition for his enemies).

It’s also a source of frustration for political junkies in the Palmetto State, as a book by “Sic Willie” would no doubt sell like hot cakes given his “intimate” knowledge of so many of the state’s scandalous political class.

Anyway … dare to dream, people.  Dare to dream.

Nationally speaking political books are NOT selling like hot cakes, though.  According to U.S. News , 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton’s book Hard Choices  has sold only 160,000 total hardcover copies through its first three weeks of release.

Hard Choices wasn’t a runaway smash hit,” the publication noted this week.

Ya think?

In fact The New York Times  is even reporting that the book’s publisher – Simon and Schuster – is unlikely to recoup the advance payment it made to Clinton.

Of course Clinton’s book is selling like gangbusters compared to the (political) competition – surpassing the combined sales of books by Texas Gov. Rick Perry (27,260), Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (16,156), U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (14,727), U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (10,261) and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (4,599).

She’s also besting the 100,000-mark hit by former “Republican” presidential nominee Mitt Romney.  And easily eclipsing the 30,000 books Vice President Joe Biden sold in 2008.

The takeaway from all this?  Americans have heard enough from the puppets leading their country’s two major parties …