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Stephen Goldfinch Still Can’t Tell The Truth




S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch – one of the most ethically challenged politicians in South Carolina – has a fight on his hands if he wants to win another term in the S.C. House of Representatives in 2014.

And that’s as it should be …

In addition to being one of the most fiscally liberal “Republicans” in Columbia, Goldfinch (RINO-Georgetown) has been at the center of two major controversies in recent months – both of which have exposed him as a fundamentally dishonest person.

He deserves to be challenged …

In response to Goldfinch’s problems, Vida Miller – the Democrat who held this seat from 1997-2011 – is mounting an aggressive campaign against him.  And this week she busted Goldfinch stretching the truth regarding his recent efforts to give state lawmakers what amounts to a 53 percent raise.

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“It would never have occurred to me to support a $12,000-a-year pay raise, especially at a time when so many of our fellow South Carolinians are still struggling to recover from the economic collapse of 2008.” Miller recently told reporter Jason Lesley of The Coastal Observer . “That’s just wrong, and it makes you wonder whose interests Rep. Goldfinch was really thinking about when he cast that vote.”

Goldfinch’s response?

“There was no pay raise bill,” he told Lesley. “There was no pay raise vote.”

Um … really? 

Goldfinch is lying through his teeth.

As our reporting has documented, there were multiple  votes on the legislative pay raise … which cleared the S.C. House of Representatives (thanks to the support of liberal “Republicans” like Goldfinch) but was shot down by the State Senate.

Seriously … does this guy think he can just coast through life saying whatever he wants?  And have everyone believe him?

Oh right … he’s a South Carolina “Republican.” Of course that’s what he thinks.