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GOP Establishment Lost SC Runoff Race … To A Democrat




The “new” GOP – which has become virtually indistinguishable from the Democratic party – won a big victory in Mississippi this week by promising the perpetuation of failed government-run welfare programs.

In South Carolina, the GOP establishment lost a “Republican” runoff election … but not to a limited government supporter.

In the Palmetto State – where GOP activists love to boast that they live in the “most Republican state in the nation” – the GOP establishment candidate Sally Atwater fell to “former” Democrat Molly Spearman, a woman who has made a career for herself by perpetuating the worst government-run school system in the nation.

As we explained in this post, Spearman is the leader of the state’s far left education bureaucracy – which has fought viciously against the establishment and expansion of parental choice in South Carolina.

Spearman supporters fought viciously in this race, as well … and it paid off.

With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Spearman crushed Atwater by a 57-43 percent margin –  meaning the “Republican” party in South Carolina has now nominated a liberal Democratic lobbyist as its standard-bearer to run the S.C. Department of Education.

Think about that for a moment …

We’ve been saying for years that there is no real difference between the two major parties – either in Washington, D.C. or here in “the most Republican state in America.” Molly Spearman’s nomination as the “GOP” nominee for state superintendent of education is further proof we’re right.