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Is The Godfather Slipping?




Hugh Leatherman – a big spending, infinitely corrupt “former” Democrat from Florence, S.C. – has reached the apex of his power over the people of the Palmetto State.  In what his dwindling opponents described as a mafia-style “hit,” the diminutive leader was elected president of the State Senate last week – adding this title to his chairmanship of the chamber’s influential finance committee and his seats on numerous powerful state financial boards.

Leatherman wields unrivaled influence in state government …

In fact even before his ascension to the presidency of the State Senate, he was already viewed as the most powerful man in state government.  By a country mile.

But just how equipped is the 83-year-old to exercise his newfound omnipotence over the Palmetto State?

Most say Leatherman is ready to roll …

In fact State Senators who work with the liberal lawmaker – including his Democratic allies, “Republican” supporters and Tea Party antagonists – all swear he is at the top of his game.

“He’s absolutely all there,” one Senator not inclined to speak favorably of Leatherman told FITS. “He’s not slowing down. He appears in better shape, too, physically.  Even more so than in previous years.”

Other sources aren’t so sure, though … and the coronation of Leatherman as “Palmetto Caesar” has prompted a flurry of discussion regarding his health.

Leatherman is at his sharpest during the mid-to-late morning hours, sources familiar with his daily routine tell FITS, but as each day wears on his mental capacity starts to slip.

“He starts forgetting things later in the day,” one source told us. “He has to be reminded of things.”

Additionally, multiple sources have relayed embarrassing stories about Leatherman losing control of his bodily functions at the S.C. State House.

South Carolina is a state known for the longevity of its political leaders (most notably former U.S. Senators Strom Thurmond and Fritz Hollings).  And the consensus is that Leatherman will seek – and win – reelection to his State Senate seat in 2016.

That would keep him in power through January 2021 – the year he turns 90.

“By Strom Thurmond standards he’s just getting warmed up,” one Pee Dee Republican operative told FITS.

And while there are rumblings of a concerted Tea Party/ “conservative” Republican coalition aimed at taking Leatherman out, any challenger in his Senate district would face a likely insurmountable climb.

Stay tuned to FITS for updates regarding Leatherman’s health – and more importantly details regarding the circle of advisors who would run the state in the event his capacity diminishes further.