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Silly Nikki Haley …




Karma is a lot like Nikki Haley, it turns out …

South Carolina’s governor – who has betrayed her free market education reform roots for pure big government status quo – got some well deserved comeuppance this week when an abbreviated social media tweet about her so-called “reform” plan went viral on the internet.

In touting her big government agenda – which includes the top priority spending item of her Democratic rival, S.C. Sen. Vincent Sheheen – Haley turned to social media for a little amplification.

“South Carolina made history this year by passing education reform,” she wrote. “We will no longer educate children based on where they are born. Through reading coaches, technology investments, and expanding charter schools we just confirmed that we want our children to be the future workforce for our growing high tech jobs!”

Obviously the real scandal here is that a so-called conservative governor – elected with Tea Party support – would embrace such a costly expansion of the state’s failed top-down government-run system.

But sadly, that didn’t go viral …

What did?

The since-deleted Tweet of Haley’s announcement, which cut Haley’s message off in a very inopportune fashion …

haley announcement

Ha! Too funny …

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for Democrats to pounce.

“The truth came out on Nikki Haley’s twitter feed today, even if it was completely by accident,” S.C. Democratic Party spokeswoman Kristin Sosanie said.

Really? That’s curious criticism coming from a party getting everything it could have hoped for from Haley’s left-of-center administration.

Seriously … it’s comical to hear Democrats bemoan Haley’s veto pen, which has been practically unused since she took office in 2011.

Meanwhile free market Republicans mocked the substance of the so-called “reform” announcement.

“Did I miss something concerning education reform in our state?” one Senator asked us sarcastically.

Nope … you didn’t miss a thing, man. Just more government … and more ineptness from Nikki Haley.

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