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Letter: Meka Childs On Education



Dear Editor,

I know personally the power of education to open doors that might otherwise be closed. Just as I have been able to stand proud on the education that I received in South Carolina, I want all of our children to be prepared for the opportinities our State and Nation have to offer. I am committed to ensuring that every child who graduates from high school in South Carolina is prepared for work or college and citizenship.

I pledge to you that as your next Superintendent of Education, I will fight to:

1. Bring Accountability to Every Classroom: Our schools should be accountable to students and the Department of Education should be accountable to taxpayers. I will fight to ensure that we focus on preparing every child for the future in an efficient and effective way. We must change the way we measure success in education away from meeting standards set by the federal government to whether or not we meet the standards of our students. Our focus should be on advancing children as they master content.

2. Individualize Education: When we give parents a choice in where and how their children are educated, we give kids a chance for a bright future. I support advancing educational freedom through school choice. Parents must be empowered to make effective educational decisions for their children, whether it be traditional, private, charter, magnet, Montessori, single-gender, homeschool, virtual, apprenticeship programs, or one of the many other options we must be willing to consider. Our children’s futures are too important to take any reasonable options off the table.

3. Protect Powers Enumerated to South Carolina and Eliminate Federal Overreach in Education: Education is an issue best addressed by the states, but particularly by parents, teachers, and local school districts. I will fight to eliminate the federal government’s meddling in education in the Palmetto State.

4. Attract the Best Teachers for our Students: We must actively recruit top talent from across the globe and top graduates from colleges and universities to come to South Carolina. Teaching in the Palmetto State must be seen as a noble profession that warrants top talent by re-examining how we evaluate, pay, and retain teachers. Options such as performance bonus pay, geographical relocation bonuses, and high-need subject area bonuses must be considered.

5. Improve Opportunity and Community Involvement: We need to hold our schools and educators accountable for the outcomes they produce. Still there are challenges that some of our schools face that they will not be able to solve on their own. We need to reinvigorate community involvement in our schools not through State mandates but through local efforts. With a greater quality of education comes a greater opportunity for success. I will fight hard so that every student and parent will be confident that the zip code they are educated in does not predict their ability to succeed.

Meka Childs
GOP Candidate, S.C. Superintendent of Education


sic speaking

Meka, This is excellent information. Thank you for passing it along – and thanks for sending FITS your biographical information, too. I know this website hasn’t been especially engaged in this race – and was actually somewhat critical of you earlier in the campaign – but it’s becoming clearer to me that you are head and shoulders above the other candidates. Look forward to learning more about your candidacy and doing anything I can to help in the weeks ahead …

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