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Play It Again, Joe




“Kudos” to trial lawyer Joe McCulloch for receiving the South Carolina Democratic Party’s 2014 election playbook – and promptly running the play entitled “slam Republicans on ethics.”

It’s predictable … but it makes sense.

It doesn’t take Captain Obvious to figure out “Republican” candidates in the Palmetto State are wildly vulnerable on ethics issues. Hell, thanks to the scandals that have ensnared S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley and Speaker of the House Bobby Harrell in recent years, even Private Obvious could figure that out.

Also to date neither politician has been held accountable for their lawbreaking … which makes the hit even more appealing.

Here’s McCulloch’s problem, though: His opponent, S.C. Rep. Kirkman Finlay (R-Columbia), is one of the few legislators championing tougher new ethics laws (and again here). Not only that, Finlay has also been openly supportive of doing away with the state’s corrupt legislative “ethics” committees – self-policing panels which have chosen to whitewash or ignore scandals rather than dispense justice.

Oh … and speaking of dispensing justice, it’s worth noting McCulloch has yet to condemn the rigged election that brought him within striking distance of Finlay two years ago (the infamous “Richland County Robbery“).

Seriously … seems like that might be a good first place to start.

If McCulloch were running against a corrupt “Republican” like Haley or Harrell, he might get some traction with his hypocritical hyperventilation on ethics issues. Unfortunately for him, he’s running against Finlay – who has no such vulnerabilities.

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