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CHE Staff Issues Report On CSOL-InfiLaw Sale




The staff of the S.C. Commission on Higher Education (CHE) has just issued its report on the proposed sale of the Charleston School of Law (CSOL) to diploma mill InfiLaw – and specifically whether the CHE should license the school under its new owners.

The report – which contains the findings of a nine-month investigation – determined that the “new CSOL” met each of the CHE’s criteria for licensing (academics and curriculum, facilities, finances and reputation and character).

The kicker …

“Based on the documents reviewed and on information gathered for its due investigation of InfiLaw’s application for initial license … the staff recommends that the Committee on Academic Affairs and Licensing commend favorably to the Commission initial licensure to InfiLaw Corporation.”

In other words the staff of this entity is recommending that state government not use its licensing authority to block the controversial sale of CSOL to Infilaw.

More …

“… it is not our intention to suggest a definitive conclusion regarding whether the licensure criteria contained in South Carolina statutes and regulations has been met in the application for initial license and change of ownership filed by InfiLaw Corporation. That determination is best left to the expertise of the Commission whose members and staff are familiar with the interpretation of state law and regulations applying to postsecondary school licensure. This report contains the findings and observations of the two individuals who served on the external review team and includes representations made by InfiLaw representatives and the CSOL dean that licensure criteria were being met and would continue to be met under InfiLaw ownership of the school.”

Read the complete report HERE.

Exclusively reported on by FITS last summer, the takeover of CSOL by InfiLaw created a meltdown on campus – with the vast majority of students, teachers, staff and alumni coming out in opposition to the deal.  This near-unanimity prompted state lawmakers to discuss a possible government takeover of the institution, although the leader of that effort – S.C. Rep. Stephen Goldfinch (RINO-Georgetown) – has been too busy battling a federal indictment and civil suit to follow through on his plans.

Obviously, we will have much more to say on this matter once the CHE itself acts on this staff recommendation …