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Nancy Mace: Six Weeks Vs. Six Years



These past several weeks, Lindsey Graham’s campaign has been on a mission to rewrite history. Graham’s goal is to raise millions of dollars in special interest cash, buy millions of dollars of campaign ads, and partner with the mainstream media to help him sell his revisionist history. Graham is betting he can erase the last six years of bad votes with six weeks of slick campaign ads.

I am making a different bet; I am betting the people of South Carolina are fed up with the political games and are hungry for truly conservative leadership.

Over the next six weeks, we will either make a choice to send a new generation of conservatives, or vote for more of the same from Washington, DC.

Please join the fight by contributing $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or the maximum $2,600. A fellow donor will MATCH the first $1,776 raised from this email.

With only six weeks left, it is crucial that conservatives stand together against the party establishment, and fight the continued overreach by the federal government into our homes and businesses.

Can we honestly separate the politicians like Lindsay Graham from the problems created by career politicians in Washington?

Graham’s record is one of the worst of any GOP member in the US Senate. After 20 years in DC, Lindsey Graham is no longer a conservative and he has lost touch with the people of South Carolina.

Graham’s record tells the story:

• Voted to increase taxes by $600 billion

• Voted to bailout big banks – $700 billion

• Voted to confirm liberal justices to the Supreme Court (Kagan, Sotomayor)

• Voted to continue debate on Obama’s anti-gun agenda

• Supported arming rebel elements in Syria including radical jihadists

• Voted for amnesty without securing our borders

• Proponent of NSA spying program

This battle to take back our country cannot be won by one person, or even one group. We need conservatives across the state and across the country to engage and help in these final six weeks.

A generous donor has agreed to match the first $1,776.00 that we receive. Please donate TODAY and effectively double your contribution.

Thank you for your continued support; I am truly humbled by the outpouring of support from conservatives all over South Carolina and our nation.

In Liberty,

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Nancy Mace

(Editor’s Note: The above communication is an email blast and does not necessarily reflect the editorial position of To submit your letter, news release, email blast, media advisory or issues statement for publication, click here).

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