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Lexington County Coroner Dies



More than a year after his involvement in a devastating single-car crash, Lexington County (S.C.) coroner Harry Harman has passed away.

Harman spent the last fourteen months of his life being fed through a tube at Lexington Medical Center – just as our sources predicted last summer.

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – who is from Lexington County – never declared a vacancy in Harman’s case. As a result, Harman’s deputy Randy Martin has been running the office ever since the 78-year-old’s February 2013 accident.

Harman is one of several county officials rumored to be involved in the “Lexington Ring,” a cabal of crooked cops and corrupt politicians allegedly running an illegal video poker operation (and various other shady endeavors) out of their government offices. In fact Harman has been accused of failing to conduct an autopsy in the suspicious death of the wife of a local solicitor (who is also rumored to be a “ring” leader).

No word yet on when the living “ring” leaders will be held accountable for their actions …