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Independent Money To Target Ravenel



Former S.C. Treasurer Thomas Ravenel has tons of money … and it stands to reason he’ll drop a significant chunk of that fortune on his recently announced petition candidacy against incumbent liberal Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.).

You know … assuming Graham wins the GOP nomination this spring.

But is Ravenel ready for the onslaught of money Graham supporters are preparing to drop on him?

Sources familiar with Graham’s reelection bid tell FITS that as much as $5 million in independent expenditure money could be devoted to going after “T-Rav” – who obviously has no shortage of exploitable vulnerabilities.

“When we’re done with him he’ll be lucky to get one percent of the vote,” one consultant preparing Graham’s independent expenditure ads told FITS. “And that he’ll get out of pity.”

Wow … them’s fighting words.

Ravenel has vowed to see what Graham raises and match him “dollar for dollar” in the November election.

Graham must first get through the GOP primary on June 10 – and a possible Republican runoff election on June 24.