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USC Upstate Budget Woes




We’ve gotten kind of tired of ragging on the University of South Carolina-Upstate over its government-subsidized advancement of a pro-gay agenda (for the record we hate government subsidization of the advancement of any agenda) …

So … let’s return to the nuts and bolts of the school’s operations. Like … its budget.

USC-Upstate is in trouble, people. It is facing a major shortfall and has reportedly started laying off staff.

According to an email from the school’s vice chancellor (yes, a friggin’ satellite campus has “chancellors”) things have gotten really bad.

“Before spring break I assured you that despite difficult financial circumstances, no across-the-board cuts are planned,” USC Upstate vice chancellor John Masterson wrote in an email obtained by FITS. “That remains true today, but there must be substantial cuts in Academic Affairs and they will hurt.”

Hmmmm …

According to Masterson the school is short by roughly $2 million, and “obvious” reductions have failed to make up that gap.

“While I commend the deans and their faculties for the painful sacrifices they’ve already made, we’re not yet close to the goal,” he writes. “We’ve done the obvious parts; from here it will be painful.”

Really? Then how come there’s still plenty of money in the USC-Upstate budget for pro-gay propagandizing? And sports?

Priorities, priorities …

As we’ve said all along government shouldn’t be in the higher education business. USC-Upstate and every other institution of “higher learning” in South Carolina should be immediately privatized and freed up to pursue their destinies in the private sector.

Then they could advance whatever agenda they choose …