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Petition War: Glenn McConnell Is Losing




The controversial candidacy of fiscal liberal, Confederate-loving S.C. Lieutenant Gov. Glenn McConnell (above, play clothes) is starting to heat up.

McConnell – whose desire to be the next president of the College of Charleston has drawn protests from fiscal conservatives as well as liberal diversity backers – is losing an online petition battle aimed at swaying those who will ultimately decide his fate.

A petition urging board members at the “College of Knowledge” to reject McConnell’s overtures has drawn 778 signatures.

“Glenn McConnell isn’t qualified for the job,” the petition reads. “McConnell has no experience working in higher education; nor has he ever been an executive or an administrator of a large organization. CofC students cannot afford an unqualified president who is divisive by the nature of his track record.”

Meanwhile a “Glenn is our man!” petition urging board members to select McConnell has drawn only 171 signatures.

“We know he will work tirelessly as an advocate to improve our school any way possible,” that petition states.

McConnell is as corrupt and fiscally reckless a state lawmaker as South Carolina has ever seen – but that’s not why we are opposing his candidacy for this position.

“Elected officials focused on securing six-figure taxpayer-funded lifeboats for themselves clearly do not have the best interests of taxpayers at heart,” we wrote last year. “And in addition to the cost of paying them these inflated salaries, we’re also on the hook for whatever government largesse they gave away in the process of securing these positions.”

That’s especially worrisome in McConnell’s case given the full-court legislative press that’s been undertaken on his behalf by powerful state leaders …