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GOP Establishment Site: Attorney General Should Resign



South Carolina’s top “Republican” establishment website is calling for the resignation of the Attorney General …

Except they’re not talking about infinitely corrupt U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (who should have resigned a long time ago) – they’re referring to South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, a Republican.

Heck, they’re actually asking Holder to lead an investigation into Wilson’s office … 

The authors of – a website which exists to provide political cover to big-spending, anti-free market “Republicans” – are in full scale attack mode against Wilson due to his ongoing prosecution of S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell (RINO-Charleston).

Next to S.C. Senate finance committee chairman Hugh Leatherman, Harrell is the biggest of the Palmetto State’s big government “Republicans.”

Facing a grand jury investigation over corruption charges, Harrell’s attorneys recently demanded a secret meeting with a circuit court judge to press for Wilson’s removal from the case.

Now that legal effort is receiving some public relations support from – a website which has had Harrell’s fingerprints all over it from the very beginning.

“News surfaced just this month that Wilson took money from a registered lobbyist in 2009 and 2010, two more blatant violations of state ethics laws,” notes. “After further review from journalists it also appears that Wilson took an illegal $3,500 contribution from a Columbia law firm. These serious ethical lapses embarrass the Republican brand in South Carolina and should be investigated by the Department of Justice.”

The website calls on Wilson to “immediately resign for breaching the public trust.”

“Law breakers in South Carolina shouldn’t be policed by one of their very own,” the site concludes.

Um … really?

Then what was this?

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