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GOP Establishment Site Echoes Hubbard Concerns



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This website has very little use for the pablum peddlers over at the website The authors of that site exists for the sole purpose of propping up fiscally liberal “Republicans” – which makes them nothing more than “fluffers” for South Carolina’s corrupt status quo.

And yes, we mean “fluffer” in the occupational sense.

Still, blind hogs do find acorns once in a blue moon (as the expression goes). And the fluffers have certainly sized up Columbia, S.C. attorney William Hubbard correctly …

A corrupt member of the University of South Carolina’s board of trustees, Hubbard is about to become president of the American Bar Association – a group which advocates for taxpayer-funded abortions, stricter gun control and amnesty for illegal aliens (among other far left positions).

(You know … as exclusively reported by FITS).

So where does the GOP establishment come down on Hubbard?

“Other than the fact that these polices are Anti-South Carolinian, a speech on any of these controversial issues could ignite a national fire storm at any time,” the authors at noted this week. “In his capacity as a Trustee, the promotion of the ABA’s uber-liberal policies could lead to the University being embarrassed on a national level. William Hubbard should do the right thing and retire from the Board at the end of his term and not risk attracting any unwarranted harmful attention on the University.”

We concur … Hubbard should step down.

Frankly, it’s shocking this guy is running for both positions … well, until one recalls how much skin his status quo law firm has in the government-funded corruption game. Guess his paymasters at the Nelson Mullins law firm want to keep the contracts moving …

Anyway, props to for (finally) getting something “write …”