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Has Sarah Palin been vindicated on the current crisis in Ukraine?

“You betcha.”

The former GOP vice presidential nominee – who tends to aimlessly bloviate her way through life – stated in 2008 that then-U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s “indecision and moral equivalence” regarding Russian aggression in Georgia “would only encourage (Vladimir) Putin to invade Ukraine next.”

Well, well … guess if you throw enough against the wall …

Obviously Palin – a “neoconservative” – is approaching this whole drama from an establishment Republican interventionist perspective. Which means she thinks “indecision and moral equivalence” should be replaced by “intervention and indignation.”

Also known as “other people’s blood and money.”

But the “even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again” expression does seem to fit this situation … almost as well as one of Palin’s “Naughty Monkey” heels.

Here’s the thing: While Palin is (or was) correct in predicting American inaction would embolden Russia – that doesn’t mean there needs to be American “action” now.

Why not? Because there is no compelling national interest justifying American intervention in the Ukraine. Period.