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Osborne: SC Democrats Need To Buy A Clue




By John Osborne || From day one this legislative session, Democrats have been pushing legislation that makes you question their grasp on reality. We all know Washington D.C. is completely out of touch with reality – but Columbia isn’t that far away from the normal folks, right?

And Democrats in South Carolina surely aren’t as radical as their counterparts in our nation’s capital, right?

Evidently not. Representatives at the S.C. State House like Todd Rutherford (D- Richland) and Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D- Orangeburg) have filed legislation this year trying to make it harder to sell weapons – and more recently trying to give illegal immigrants instate tuition in South Carolina.

Seriously, what gives? Do Democrats even want to win a statewide election? Or is this all just an elaborate joke perpetrated on the people of South Carolina in an effort to earn them praise from their national masters.

One thing is certain, Democrats in South Carolina have determined that subservience to the national agenda is their top priority – not success at the ballot box.

Democrats in South Carolina are shouting, screaming – shrieking into obscurity.  They are pushing legislation destined to be as loved in South Carolina as the chicken pox.

So Todd Rutherford is worried about the problems facing all those poor illegal immigrants in South Carolina? He should have made waiving the one-year waiting period for veterans his chief issue.  Instead he’s decided to try and create ‘education without borders’ in the Palmetto State.

Thankfully, this bill has just about as much of a chance to become law as Vincent Sheheen has of beating Nikki Haley in November.

As Ronald Reagan said – ‘A nation without borders is not a nation.’ Obviously, Todd Rutherford didn’t get that memo. Three years in a South Carolina high school and filing for citizenship – none of that makes this proposed legislation any easier to swallow.

We are a nation of laws; we should not openly allow people to break them. All laws like this do is reward bad behavior.

If Democrats learned anything recently, they should have learned that Washington D.C talking points do not work in South Carolina. After their shocking ten-point loss to the exceedingly vulnerable Mark Sanford in the S.C. first congressional district last year, bills like this should be one the last things on their minds.

South Carolina deserves real leadership. If Democrats really want to do something for the children of this state, they should endorse school choice and allow parents to offer their children a true path to success.

Offering instate tuition to illegal immigrants isn’t about our economy, or our future. All Democrats are doing is pandering for votes – fighting to be relevant in a state that doesn’t appreciate what they are doing. If Democrats wish to have any power in this state, they have to sing a different tune, or go ahead and tell us this is all an elaborate joke, so we can move on to real issues that move us in the right direction.

John Osborne is a military veteran and a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina.

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