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Candidate Mulls Entry In Richland Treasurer’s Race



We don’t follow county-level politics all that closely here at FITS, but after writing briefly on one of the (ahem) “candidates” running for Treasurer of Richland County, S.C. – this particular race has caught our interest.

The current occupant of the office – David Adams – is a white Democrat who would likely get trounced in his reelection bid if the right black candidate came along.

Simple demographics, people … as roughly 80 percent of Democratic primary voters in Richland County are black.

Anyway, sources familiar with the race tell FITS just such a candidate – described as a “local black elected official with $30,000 already in his campaign account” – is currently eyeing Adams’ seat.

Hmmmm …. obviously this isn’t statewide news but it is an interesting local scoop – one we look forward to following up on in the event this prospective candidate decides to enter the fray.

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