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Earlier this month FITS exclusively reported on a government educrat in Jasper County, S.C. who was running a bonding business from her taxpayer-funded office – using her government phone, fax and email address to do private business on taxpayer time.

Missed that scoop? Click HERE. It’s about as cut and dried a case of misappropriation of public resources as you’ll ever see …

Anyway our story got picked last week up by The Jasper Sun, the paper which covers the worst-in-the-state school district where “benefits administrator” Joann Faison currently works.

And as is typically the case in South Carolina, there will be absolutely no accountability in this matter.

According to district officials, Faison “did not intentionally provide the school district’s business phone number and e-mail address to the state Department of Insurance as points of contact.”

Really? So … was she sleepwalking when she entered three different taxpayer-funded points of contact for her private business?

“The mistake was inadvertent and did not result in the misuse of any district resources,” the district added.

Furthermore, a district spokeswoman said she was “confident Faison did not do business as a bondsman while she was on school district hours.”


“Move along, there’s nothing to see here …”

Which is entirely consistent with this district’s longstanding policy of rewarding failure and covering the tracks of its corrupt bureaucrats.