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USC Upstate Represents: Gay Snowman Edition



We got called out pretty hard for our post last November on government-funded pro-homosexual propaganda at the University of South Carolina Upstate – a school which shouldn’t even exist in our humble opinion (at least not as a taxpayer-subsidized entity).

Seriously … people were pissed.

“This whole article is one big lie!” one commenter wrote. “I can’t believe the lengths that some people will go to to advance their own hate filled agenda.”

Umm …. “hate-filled agenda?

Sheesh. We love gay people here at FITS … and have consistently argued on behalf of their rights. What do we loathe? Tax money going toward propagandizing on behalf of any sexual orientation.

Anyway …

In light of that report we found it pretty amusing that USC Upstate featured this photo on its official Facebook page during the recent winter storm …

(Click to enlarge)

usc upstate

Pic: USC Upstate Facebook Page

Well, well … definitely not a chode, eh? In fact somebody cue AC/DC …

Due respect to these kids, though … at least they didn’t try to bumrush The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore like that loser from The College of Charleston.

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