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Jim Cantore’s Bum Rusher: Weep For The Future



So … local television station WCSC TV 5 (CBS – Charleston, S.C.) apparently had nothing better to do today than track down the College of Charleston student who took a knee from reporter Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel in this hilarious video.

And yes, he’s every bit as dumb as you imagined …

“I would 100 percent do it again,” student Colin Marcelli told the station. “It’s my 15 minutes of fame, you don’t get this very often.”

Dear Lord …

Marcelli yelled “Jim Cantore, whatcha know about this!” prior to launching his attempted bum rush of the reporter, who was in Charleston, S.C. covering the approaching winter weather system.

Gotta love that government-subsidized higher education …

Way to go, South Carolina. You’ve made us proud once again!