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Why We Are Smarter Than They Are



Allen Olson is a nice enough guy. In fact he attends the same church as our founding editor.

But that doesn’t mean we cut this former Columbia, S.C. “Tea Party” leader any slack.

Case in point …

Olson took to his Facebook page this week to offer one of the most ridiculous political platitudes we’ve ever read … the sort of totally meaningless establishment-speak that has America in is current dire straits.

“I am tired of partisan politics, extremists on both sides are preventing anything constructive from getting done. I wish politicians and activists would put America first, before their political party or their biggest donors,” Olson wrote.

Hmmmm-kay …

Olson’s post generated quite the circle jerk of positive affirmation from his Facebook followers.

“LIKE X 12,” one wrote. “If only they understood this imagine what America would be like.”

“What (a) wonderful thought,” another wrote.

“It is sicking (sic) ….. I know one of ours that is being crucified for having dinner with the president …. how in the world are we going to come together for the good of our country if we don’t talk to each other!” exclaimed another.

Ah, South Carolinians …

Anyway our founding editor – who specializes in raining on pablum parades – responded thusly …

dude … there is no ‘partisan’ when the parties are the same.

Wait … the parties are the same? Duh.

Olson was quick with a comeback …

“My point is the extremists on both the left and the right make it impossible to work together,” he wrote. “That is my definition of partisanship.”

Sic Willie’s retort?

162 “Republicans” and 89 Democrats voted for a pork-laden farm bill this week that will cost taxpayers $956 billion over the coming decade. They “work together” alright … to gang-rape the taxpayer. But hey … what do I know, I’m just an “extremist” who is preventing “constructive” things from getting done.

Olson’s response to that?


Don’t ever fall for the “Democrats and Republicans need to work together” bullsh*t. Democrats and Republicans work together all the time. And that’s the problem.

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