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The Left Doesn’t Know About Nikki “Haleycare”



Liberal activist organization has launched what it calls “powerful campaigns in every state where Republican governors are denying health care to millions of Americans by refusing to expand Medicaid.”

One of those states (they think) is South Carolina …

“Last year, Governor Nikki Haley announced that she would not accept new federal dollars to expand the state’s Medicaid program,” an online petition from the organization reads. “Tell Governor Haley to reverse course and accept federal Medicaid dollars.”

Um … really?

Clearly these socialized medicine supporters have no idea who they are dealing with …

As this website has exclusively reported, Haley’s administration is expanding Medicaid in South Carolina like gangbusters … by 16 percent in the coming fiscal year (at a cost of nearly half a billion dollars).

Ready for the kicker? According to Kaiser Health News, South Carolina’s Medicaid growth rate is larger than the 12 percent average increase in states which approved Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

(Which still isn’t enough for some people …)

States which didn’t approve Obamacare? They’re only growing their rolls by five percent …

When you stop and think about it, if was serious about Medicaid expansion it would be sending petitions to the pro-Obamacare states asking them to grow the socialized medicine like Nikki Haley has … NIKKI HALEY PETITION