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Ron Paul Statement On March For Life



Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul issued the following statement regarding this week’s annual March for Life event:

“I extend best wishes to all those attending today’s March for Life. Roe versus Wade, which usurped jurisdiction over abortion from state and local governments in order to deny the unborn’s right to life, is one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in American history. None of our rights are secure when government denies the right to life of any group. It is no coincidence that the acceptance of abortion has been accompanied by a growth of government power in all areas. The devaluing of life caused by the casual acceptance of abortion has also spilled over into our foreign policy with the casual acceptance of ‘preemptive’ war and Presidential kill lists. Throughout my Congressional career I led the effort to end taxpayer-financing of abortion. It is outrageous that the federal government forces pro-life Americans to subsidize activities some believe is murder. Ending all federal funding and support for abortion—including Obamacare’s abortion mandates– must be a priority for all who support life and liberty.”

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