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Lee Bright Got Pwned



This website told readers (repeatedly) the U.S. Senate campaign of Lee Bright was headed for an implosion … and last week it finally happened. Bright – a State Senator from Spartanburg, S.C. – owes creditors up to $3 million, most of it attributable to the spectacular failure of his trucking business.

He’s also in hot water for withholding details on a prior income disclosure form and engaging in a controversial business partnership with his campaign consultant (which raises a host of ethical questions).

So far Bright’s opponents in the 2014 GOP primary have been quiet about his financial troubles. Bright? He’s addressed them in a sprawling opinion piece which basically blames everything on the federal government.

Are people buying that explanation?

No.  Not even a little bit.

The comments in response to Bright’s mea culpa have been nothing short of brutal. But it’s not just blog readers rebuking him, some of his fellow Republican lawmakers are publicly taking him to task.

“So he knows how to run a business like Government,” S.C. Rep. Gary Simrill tweeted last weekend. “I want somebody who can run Government like a business.”

Ouch … but damningly accurate.

Which brings us to Bright’s fundamental problem: He is simply no longer a credible voice on a wide range of fiscal issues which must be addressed in this race – especially given the abysmal fiscal record of the incumbent, liberal “Republican” Lindsey Graham.

He’s also lost major credibility on the free market front by blaming his problems on free trade.

Seriously?  How does that work, exactly?

Astoundingly certain Tea Party leaders – including the decreasingly relevant Talbert Black of the Campaign for Liberty – are standing by Bright’s side.

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