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South Carolina Drivers: Second-Worst In America



Another day, another unfortunate ranking for the Palmetto State …

According to a recent study conducted by – a company we can only surmise provides users with the ability to compare car insurance – South Carolina has the second-worst drivers in America.

Only Louisiana drivers are worse …

The company collected data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Mothers Against Drunk Driving and National Motorists Association in preparing its rankings.  Among the measurables included in the report were highway fatalities, DUIs, speeding tickets, careless driving citations and seat belt violations.

South Carolina ranked No. 50 nationally in careless driving, and No 49 in drunk driving.

Is this data really a surprise to anyone? Seriously … what was it Forrest Gump said? “Stupid is as stupid does?” Especially when you’re drunk.

Oh … and what’s even dumber than a South Carolina driver? A Palmetto politician making decisions with their highway dollars …

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