Black On Black (Political) Violence

S.C. Rep. Bakari Sellers (D-Bamberg) has proposed a pair of sensible reforms to the Palmetto State’s antiquated 1895 government structure – consolidating two law enforcement agencies as well as two correctional agencies in an effort to streamline operations and save tax dollars (if South Carolina ever creates a mechanism for…

S.C. Rep. Bakari Sellers (D-Bamberg) has proposed a pair of sensible reforms to the Palmetto State’s antiquated 1895 government structure – consolidating two law enforcement agencies as well as two correctional agencies in an effort to streamline operations and save tax dollars (if South Carolina ever creates a mechanism for actually saving tax dollars).

Personally, we’d take the consolidations – and the savings – proposed by Sellers a step further (the more bureaucracy state leaders can eliminate, the better), but his reforms do represent a step in the right direction. The shouldn’t be controversial either, with his correctional restructuring plan already having been embraced by “Republican” S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley.

Well, let’s rephrase that …. Sellers’ reforms shouldn’t be controversial unless you happen to be a disgruntled ex-politician who views everything through the lens of race. Like former S.C. Sen. Robert Ford, for example, who continues to issue poorly spellchecked press releases to the media as though he were still relevant and wasn’t forced to resign his seat in disgrace earlier this year.

Don’t get us wrong … Ford was held accountable in a way “Republicans” in South Carolina never are, but he was guilty as sin and deserved to go down.

He’s also way off the mark in opposing Sellers’ reforms on purely racial lines.

“A black legislator who is also a candidate for Lt. Governor of South Carolina has introduced legislation to eliminate not one but the only two black agency heads in South Carolina,” Ford wrote in his release.

“When Governor Haley appointed Kela Thomas as Director of Probation, Pardon and Parole and Leroy Smith, as the Director of Highway Patrol, Representative (Gilda) Cobb-Hunter and I were extremely happy and felt that some headway (was) being made,” Ford continued. “For Representative Sellers to take the step to introduce this non-inclusive and divisive legislation is simply a step to garner White support for his bid for the office of Lt. Governor. Gain at the expense of two Black State Agency heads means that
the Black community is going to have to get involved and be more vigilant in making their Black elected officials more accountable.”

In other words, blacks gotta stick together … whether the offices they hold are superfluous or not.

That’s a depressing world view, but sadly it’s not surprising coming from a guy who once referred to electronic mail as a “tool of the aristocracy.”

It’s even more depressing when you consider Thomas – Haley’s probation appointee – runs arguably the worst agency in all of state government, and has held onto her job solely because she’s black.

South Carolina’s government is bloated, corrupt and dysfunctional – and Nikki Haley’s politically correct choices (like her political ones) have made things worse, not better. And while Sellers’ modest proposals are hardly a recipe for turning things around, there’s no real reason to oppose them.

Unless of course you think black people should receive appointments to unnecessary government positions exclusively on the basis of their skin color …

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TontoBubbaGoldstein December 10, 2013 at 10:21 am

non-inclusive and divisive

Racist anti-white democrat code words!!!

What about “hurtful” and “hate driven agenda”? And no “Uncle Tom” reference. C’mon Robert Ford, take that vibrator out before you chip a tooth. As a former constituent, TBG expects, nay, DEMANDS a higher level of race baiting than this!

As bad as SC is Robert Ford still wants to turn us into “The Detroit of the South”.

Philip Branton December 10, 2013 at 11:21 am

Dear SPAWAR Atlantic workers, when you read this carefully crafted article, how is the timing and tone aligned to garner the right attention to certain world events. How is the resurrection of Senator Ford’s usefulness being “tooled”. How is the title of Black on Black political violence a code tone for the actions taking place today by Obama in the Central African Republic (CAR). Wil FOlks and Nancy Mace are not deaf, dumb, nor financially “BLIND”. Both Wil Folks and Robert Ford are pretty smart men and can use Google Earth maps to draw a pipeline from SOUTH Sudan going west to an Atlantic seaport. SPAWAR Atlantic workers, how dumb do you think Robert Ford is to not have a clue about OIL companies motives for garnering pipeline easement agreement from bribed despots in CAR. Better yet, how informed do you think our own CAPTAIN is about the oil infrastructure upgrades in North Charleston and what products will be IMPORTED in those terminals. What will be exported. WHO’s PENSIONS will be fattened. Does Senator SCOTT preach about those impending monetary gains to any SEA COAST campus now? Does Senator Lindsey Graham highlight any African corporate benefits that favor SC ports. WHY NOT….? What type of Informational Dominance does this display. MY BACKSIDE……!!!! (Fist POUNDzzzz….!) …(Spit…)

Spawar workers…….when SC Senator Ford picks up his cell phone to call Senator Graham and Senator Scott today, what message should he tell them both is from Nancy MACE. The slaughter of African citizens depend upon it. The question is Spawar Atlantic ……what tactics are to be used to avert the actions in Darfur, Syria, Manama, Egypt, and Rwanda……..

Mike at the Beach December 10, 2013 at 1:41 pm

I know we all know this, but I’ll say it anyway: Robert Ford is a moron. No “Director of the Highway Patrol” exists in SC. Smith is the Director of Public Safety, which houses (among many other things) the SC Highway Patrol. COL Mike Oliver is the Commander of the SC Highway Patrol. Even the mighty spellcheck can’t fix stupid.

Pot get it December 10, 2013 at 1:43 pm

“The shouldn’t be controversial either..” What were you writing about spell checking sir?

jimlewisowb December 10, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Bakari Sellers is Andre Bauer’s identical twin

Their mandated separation at birth was one of the foundations of the terms of surrender that brought an end to the War of Northern Aggression

Philip Branton December 10, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Dear Grant T. Harris……..are……U..? (Beady Eyez….!) Considering that you are a Special Assistant to the President of the United States of America, ( ) we highly wonder just how political do you think the readers of Fitznews really are. Yes, some of the readers are very dumb and do not give a crud about how much money they could make on the corporate outcome of OIL actions in the Central African Republic; but they can read a stinkin map on their smartphones. Sir, just how informed do you think the workers are at SPAWAR Atlantic. Do you care to wager how fast Spawar Atlantic workers and Citadel Cadets can research the ramifications of stock trades on the “Rwanda Bell curve” when reviewing international swings before and after the genocide in Rwanda..? Better yet, do you care to wager how effective mobile cell towers can be used and leveraged on a field of battle in CAR to get real time plays on Wall Street to be “gamed”. How would “Obama phones” be used to save lives via 24/7 Satellite feeds using C-SPAN.? Mr. Harris, we feel certain that you are a nice man as is Wil Folks; but your lack of teamwork with Lynn Rosenthal and Kori Schulman and General Dempsey and Captain Burin has become crystal clear to the Nancy Mace campaign. (spit…!) It is also very clear to the Former Senator Graham’s and Former Senator Scott’s and Former US Rep Clyburn’s campaign too..!! We hope you find time to re-read the article penned by Rear Admiral James H. Rodman in FEDTECH magazine. We feel certain and would wager my entire career on the reply that is given when Lynn Rosenthal is asked if she would remain CALM when President Obama or any President tells her to do so in a hut on an African plain or Serengeti. Did Scarlet get out of Tara in “Gone with the Wind”..? It is rather predictable to deduce what Scarlet would tell an OIL diplomat in a CAR cafe or Starbucks in DC if she knew where the pipeline easements were running from South Sudan through the Central African Republic….don’t you think. Hmm….we wonder if Scarlet would sip her latte out of a “French Press” just to make her point more noticeable.

Mr. Harris….I pray to GOD that you have the guts to get in a room and discuss the ramifications that have been brewing that are not being “printed” or “tweeted” or “herd” with all the “Presidents wo-MEN”…! Wil Folks knows how to scratch his head…!! (Fist Poundzzz…! )

Ricky Naley December 10, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Both of these agencies have severe problems and are being run with incomptance. The hiring of critical staff is not based on employees qualifications but based on race now. This Haleys appeal to the legislative black caucus and voters. Ask any current or retired employee and they will confirm it. Neither agency can make decesions without Haleys office approval.

Philip Branton December 10, 2013 at 5:33 pm

Dear Gilda Cobb-Hunter, we wonder if you took time today to review the statement that President Obama relayed to the citizens of the Central African Republic. Would you or any fine lady at South Carolina State University remain CALM if you were stuck in a hut in the middle of the African Continent..? Gilda, its time for you to pick up your stinkin phone and use that leadership award you got at Furman University and have a chat with some fine ladies in our great state of South Carolina…!@! Someone is going to make a LOT of money off of pipeline easements in some African Countries….the question is…..what South Carolina PENSIONS are gonna profit….or not…!!

Lillian McBride December 11, 2013 at 1:16 am

It is a disgrace that you people keep talking about and insulting good folks like me. Stop it now, you hear me! And I mean that!

Yuletide December 11, 2013 at 12:37 pm

Sellers has on a nice coat and tie. Ford does not hold a candle to him.


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