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More Dillon SC Drama



The nice thing about covering news in tiny hamlets across South Carolina is you start building readership in those tiny hamlets … well, to the extent the indigenous populations are literate (THANK YOU government-subsidized education).

And when you start building a readership, you start getting scoops from those readers.

For example, shortly after posting an item on the notoriously corrupt government-run school system in Dillon, S.C., we began receiving word from several sources alleging problems with the county’s environmental agency, too.

Specifically, multiple local residents tell FITS Dillon County’s waste disposal centers are not properly handling any number of toxic chemicals – including mercury from fluorescent light bulbs and radioactive material from smoke detectors.

They also tell us local media has chosen to “turn a blind eye” to the problem – with is beginning to impact the county’s water supply.

“Someone needs to help us,” one county resident told FITS. “We are not a sign you pass on the interstate. People live here.”