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SC Democrats: Out Of The Closet For Lindsey Graham



It’s no secret that U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham is not a “Republican.” Seriously … he supports tax hikesunnecessary military entanglements and invasions of our personal liberty. Also he was the only GOP member of the entire U.S. Congress to back Barack Obama’s infamous cap and trade energy tax.

In fact there’s an argument to be made Lindsey Graham is more liberal than a lot of conservative Democrats in Washington, D.C.

That’s why this week’s decision by South Carolina’s junior U.S. Sen. Tim Scott to take a pass on endorsing Graham was no surprise.

What was surprising, though?

The full-throated endorsement of Graham by … wait for it … the South Carolina Democratic Party, which has been not-so-secretly backing his reelection bid for some time.

Well guess what, people … the donkeys are officially out of the closet.

In a press release sent to media following Scott’s non-endorsement, SCDP spokeswoman Kristin Sosanie referred to Scott as having “taken sides against common sense and pragmatism” by refusing to endorse Graham.

The release also specifically referred to Graham as “one of the few federal elected officials in South Carolina who actually works to try to get things done to help our state’s families and businesses instead of forcing a government shutdown.”

Wow …

Momentarily putting aside the fact that government “getting things done” is a major part of the problem, this sort of language is practically unheard of in the Palmetto State – where primary and general election battles are typically bloodsport.

Seriously … praise like this emanating from a “rival” party is typically only reserved for politicians at their funerals. It’s certainly not the sort of thing you expect to hear seven months away from an election.

Democrats have been telegraphing their support for Graham for some time now … including a recent social media meltdown by the party’s chairman against the lone Democrat who has filed paperwork against Graham.

Now they’re shouting their love for “liberal Lindsey” from the rooftops … and attacking any Republican who dares to oppose him.

Bizarre … at least until you realize what we’ve been saying all along, that there is no longer any real difference between the two major political parties.

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