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Dems Call Nikki Haley “Evil Queen”



South Carolina Democrats have launched a new web campaign comparing”Republican” Nikki Haley to the evil queen from the Snow White fairy tale.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall – who is the most unethical of them all?” the Democratic ad asks.

The spot is accompanied by a letter to Haley from South Carolinians who say they “won’t stand for her ethics violations.”

Haley has made ethics reform her top priority heading into the 2014 session of the S.C. General Assembly.

“This is about getting everybody outside South Carolina to see we have a true, accountable government,” Haley said. “But, more importantly, getting every body inside South Carolina to once and for all feel like they can trust their elected officials.”

Those are admirable objectives, to be sure … although most agree the watered-down legislation endorsed by Haley is wholly inadequate to the task at hand. Most importantly, Haley’s legislation fails to address the selective enforcement and “self-policing” of the Palmetto State’s elected officials that lies at the heart of the problem.

Seriously … until politicians are prohibited from acting as their own judges and jurors on ethics complaints, we will never see anyone held accountable for anything in this state.

Then there’s the issue of Haley’s hypocrisy on this issue (which is ongoing).

South Carolina is one of the most corruptsecretive state governments in America – a tradition Haley has continued (and expanded upon) despite her promise to run the “most transparent administration” in state history.