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Just a heads up that posting will be a bit light here on FITS over the next couple days …

How come? Our founding editor Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) is heading to Charlotte, N.C. this afternoon to watch Pearl Jam perform live this evening (we hope to eventually post a review of that show similar to this 2009 review of U2’s 360 degrees tour).

The following morning (Thursday) Sic is traveling to the Upstate region of South Carolina to visit another free market school that’s actually meeting the needs of children here in the Palmetto State (in contrast to the money-hungry government-run system).

(For those of you who missed our last “Miracle Factory” segment, click here … for a bunch more of these schools, visit 

Finally on Friday, Sic Willie’s entire family will travel to Lancaster, S.C. to pay its respects to the matriarch of his family -Aubrey Annette McLean Folks – who passed away earlier this week at the age of 100. On behalf of Sic and his entire family, we sincerely appreciate the many, many kind messages he’s received from friends over the last few days. He and his grandmother were kindred spirits who shared a very close bond – and she will be missed.

Anyway … we won’t be totally off the grid but don’t expect to see the regular deluge of content over the next couple days.

Unless of course it’s Sic’s always lively Twitter feed … 

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