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Letter: Big Problems At SC Probation Agency



Dear Editor:

The director of the S.C. Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services (SCDPPPS) – Kela Thomas – is at it again. She is writing anonymous letters about her staff to herself – then using these letters to lodge actions against those staff (disciplinary actions, terminations, etc.).

I know for a fact she has lied under oath at numerous hearings.

Thomas is completely incompetent and has created a big mess at this agency. She lies on the department website.

Also, check out the parole board members’ locations and what districts they represent. She and Gov. Nikki Haley are covering up the fact that one district is not represented at all while two members live in the same district.

Also, they brag about using the Static 99 Risk Assessment for sex offenders. You should ask them how many of the staff are qualified to use the Static 99?¬†According to the Static 99 website, “persons using the Static-99 should receive training from a trainer who is approved by the author of the instrument.”

With the “Thomas turnover rate” that she caused and loves to complain about, there are very few, if any, agents certified to use the risk assessment tool.

Thomas held on to funds that should have been used to hire new staff, while allowing her bullies to dangle jobs in front of county department heads, making them do tricks and jump through hoops to get staff.

Now they have hired over forty agents, in an attempt to fix what they messed up.

Scott Norton is secretly running SCDPPPS into the ground. Thomas is incompetent and she trusted the wrong people to tell her what to do. I am guessing Norton is working on becoming the next director.

Her entire executive management team consists of incompetents with inflated egos and hidden agendas. The governor won’t help. Somebody needs to save that department before it implodes.



sic willie


Very interesting … I’ve heard reports of these “letters” from my moles at the agency before – and you are absolutely correct regarding the cover-up of the board members. That’s a huge scandal waiting to happen – and a gold mine for attorneys looking to overturn decisions of the board. One thing you missed – there is a forensic audit of the agency (in addition to the damning Legislative Audit Council report released earlier this year) that is on this week’s agenda of the S.C. Budget and Control Board (SCBCB). I’m endeavoring to get a copy of that audit right now …