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SC Lawnmower Man Rides To D.C. Rescue



Fear not, federal government … the Palmetto State is here to help!

Just when you thought the so-called government “shutdown” had incapacitated America – as only a 17 percent reduction in the most bloated bureaucracy in human history could do – riding to the rescue is some Grizzly Adams looking dude carrying a South Carolina state flag.

His contribution to the cause? Mowing the grass around the Lincoln Memorial.

Talk about having a dream, people!

This is just incredible on so many levels …

First, that someone would do something selfless in our society (imagine that). Second that this random act of agrarian independence wasn’t shut down in advance by National Security Agency snooping. And third that the administration of Barack Obama hasn’t dropped a drone on this guy’s head yet.

Yet … 

Anyway, here’s another look at Grizzly toting the Indigo and White as he meticulously manicures the Lincoln Memorial grounds …

sc man

Pic: @SallyHS

Say it with us, everybody: “Free cut grass! Free cut grass! Thank God Almighty we got free cut grass!”

UPDATE: Courtesy of CBS-DC, here is a profile of Grizzly the Lawnmower Man (a.k.a. Chris Cox). He has formed what he calls the “Memorial Militia,” and is dedicated to keeping our monuments up to snuff during the “shutdown.”

UPDATE II: S.C. Rep. Mark Sanford has issued a statement praising Cox … 

“Chris embodies what it means to be not just a South Carolinian, but an American,” Sanford said. “He saw a job that wasn’t getting done and decided to take care of it. We are not a nanny state, and when government in this case chooses not to do something it’s in keeping with the American tradition to ask, ‘What can I do to fix the problem?’ Chris’s example is one we could all learn from in Washington, and accordingly, I applaud him.”