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It’s A Great Day To Get Whacked!



Another day, another crappy national ranking for the Palmetto State … (and yeah, it sure feels like we’ve typed that lede before).

Anyway, South Carolina ranks No. 5 in the nation on a list of “The Most Dangerous States in America,” as compiled by the website 24/7 Wall Street.

The website bases its rankings on data obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s statewide crime reports – which track “murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault” in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

“South Carolina’s 18.3 percent poverty rate is the ninth worst in the country, and well above the U.S. average of 15.9 percent,” the website notes. “Though it has been transforming itself into a hotbed of manufacturing, with companies such as Boeing and BMW opening manufacturing facilities, South Carolina has the nation’s fifth highest violent crime rate. Its murder rate of 6.9 per 100,000 is the fifth worst in the country. Its aggravated assault rate is the third worst. Roughly 25 percent have bachelor’s degrees, among the nation’s lowest figures.”

Oh …. and about that “hotbed” comment. There’s some legitimate disagreement about that.

As for the Palmetto State’s disappointing public safety ranking, is anybody really surprised? Crime is just what happens when you mix dumb, broke and hopeless.

But don’t worry, law-abiding South Carolinians should have no problem protecting themselves with a pro-gun governor like Nikki Haley in office, right? Right?

Ummmm … not so much.